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The real estate photo as I see it

It's like an open window on the property before visitors push  the door.  

Since they have already visited it through my pictures,  I want potential buyers to experience deja vu when entering the property.   To achieve this result,I work in partnership with the real estate agent until the final selection.  


Shooting, home staging, and graphic design I work quickly and well and, I offer same-day delivery. I know the constraints under which the real estate agent is working.   


I understand that for an owner, selling his house is often an emotional process.  Therefore, I am friendly, smiling, and empathetic while being discreet.

My working method

While I'm taking pictures, I put myself in the potential buyer's shoes. How would I visit this property?  What do I like?  What catches my eye?


I quickly find the best shooting angle that will feature the light or the size of a room.   Then, with the owner's permission, I move things around or remove what bothers my eyes.  


The details are as important as the room itself; a stone fireplace, a particular faucet, an unusual office area, a window bench are all details that can elicit a crush; it is crucial to show them. 

I am a photographer, specializing in real estate photography.   


Since 2010, I have worked with dozens of brokers, real estate agencies and apartment rental companies.

This experience allows me to affirm: 

real estate photography should no longer be seen as an expense, but as a winning investment!  

The broker is an intermediary between buyers and sellers. He must therefore find potential clients for each property for which he has to sell. My objective  - photographic – is to bring visitors to the property. In broker advertising, the role of the photo is essential. It allows the client to project himself into a living space, even before he sets foot there!      

Five good reasons to work in tandem with a professional photographer 

1.    The photo is a selling point

2.    The photo conveys an image of professionalism

3.    The photo triggers a visit

4.    The photo enhances the property

5.    The photo implies a relationship with the seller

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